Important Announcement about Cornwell’s Future

At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 7th April 2019, the following statement about Cornwell Community Church was made:

The Cornwell Leadership Team have decided that to further the mission of the church, we should join with Gill in an exciting new venture in the St Catherine’s building. Initially this will take the form of a Cornwell style service and will incorporate ‘All Stars Family Service’, and Sunday school.

We have always said that a church is not a building but people, so whilst Cornwell Community Church as a separate church would cease, as a congregation we would continue to meet together as part of that new venture.

Discussions are being held regarding how and when that might take place. As soon as decisions are made as to the way forward, they will be communicated to both churches.

Rev Gill Rowell, Tony & Evelyn Bartlett, Emma Deacon, Caroline O’Sullivan, Val & Stuart Poore, Jane Stokes.

23 March 2019

It has subsequently been decided that this new service will take place at 11.00 am at St Catherine’s, starting on Pentecost Sunday – 9th June.

In order to facilitate this new service, the St Catherine’s 9.30 am service will move 15 minutes earlier and start at 9.15 am.  This time change will begin on on 19th May.

Further details will be provided when available.